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The BEST No Boil Hard Boiled Farm-Fresh Eggs

Updated: Nov 16, 2018

Can't figure out how to get perfect hard boiled eggs with your farm fresh eggs? Get your Instant Pot ready.

You are about to try the best "hard boiled" eggs you've ever had

Step 1: Find Farm Eggs

Seriously. Farm-fresh eggs.

We have laying hens so we don't have to go very far to find some farm-fresh eggs. If you know someone or, better yet, if you can start a backyard coop, you're in for a treat. Nothing against store bought eggs, if that's all you have access to, but I have only tried this method with farm-fresh eggs.

Sit and Wait

The best thing about farm-fresh eggs is that they can sit on the counter or on a shelf for nearly 3 weeks so long as they're UNWASHED. I know... not what we're used to in Canada (maybe North America??) but your eggs can sit at room temperature for a while (3 WEEKS-ish). Once you've aged them, float them in water to make sure they're still good and then give them a rinse.

Here's my reminder that your eggs must be room temperature. If you insist on sticking them in the fridge, take them out a few hours ahead of time so they warm up to room temperature. If you choose to disregard this crucial piece of information, your eggs will be undercooked.

Enter Instant Pot

Aren't Instant Pots amazing?

If you still have your little metal grid/rack kicking around, stick it in the bottom of your Instant Pot and then add a cup of water. If, like me, you've long since lost it (the grid, not your mind), you can also use a silicone muffin tray to prop your eggs out of the water. In this case, you'll want to pour a cup of water and then add your silicone tray.

Add your eggs, slowly. I know it's super exciting but you don't want to crack them.

Put the lid back on and use your manual button to set to 3 mins on HIGH. What? 3 mins? I know. If you like to overcook your eggs so the yolk is chalky, go to 4 mins.

In the meantime, grab a bowl and fill with lots of ice and water. Add some salt.

AS SOON AS the timer beeps, you need to release the pressure. BE VERY CAREFUL as the steam that comes out of there will be super hot.

Remove lid.

Ice, Ice Baby

I find the easiest way to move eggs from the Instant Pot to the ice bath is to use a rubber oven glove (so the heat doesn't burn your hand) but you could also use a pair of kitchen tongs, or both.

Add ice as needed to keep the water nice and cold. I usually leave for 30 to 40 mins.

Start Peeling. Or Don't.

OK so at this point, you can peel your eggs, if you're pickling them, or just toss them in an egg carton and store them in the fridge. Peeling them will be a dream!!! Trust me.

You Can Thank Me Later

I hope you enjoy your eggs as much as we enjoy ours. I'll post a really great pickling recipe in the near future but, if you've got one that we absolutely must try, share with us!!

Yes, It Does Come in Video

I'm mostly rambling on about these eggs but if you'd rather have a listen than read, here goes nothin'.

Cheers XO

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