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Ferme Ojalammi


Our family moved to West Nipissing 5 short years ago with a dream of living life a bit differently in farm country. We packed up the kids and headed into the city for work and school 5 days a week, eager to return back to our little slice of paradise. Our daily commute certainly changed with the pandemic, but amidst the global chaos was a renewed optimism to get back to basics. 

We purchased two 4,500sq ft greenhouses in which have already grown a lot of food as we trialed various crops. We grew a lot of lettuce, sold via retail, while learning about aphids and how little we enjoyed cohabitating with them in a greenhouse. We learned a little bit more about permaculture, pulled away from retail, and then grew a lot of flowers. 

All in all, we have tried a lot of things and gained a lot of knowledge while sharing the experience with our kids. 

Where does that leave us for 2023? We heated one of our greenhouses for 2 winters however with the sharp increases to the price of propane, we have decided to grow for as long as mother nature will allow us to and then we will start again late winter when the weather warms up. 

Now that we have had a chance to trial a number of crops and varieties, we have narrowed down our produce in order to also produce flowers for an on-site flower bar and a flower field for photography. Many of these will be available as part of a seedling sale in the spring, so be sure  to come stock up for your own gardens. 

Looking forward to seeing you in person in the near future but you can always catch us on Facebook and Instagram.

Yours in local growing,

Renée, Matt, and kids
Ferme Ojalammi

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