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Freeze Dried Products

Our farm purchased a freeze dryer in late 2022 as a way to preserve the produce we grow. Since then, we have tested multiple fruits, vegetables, and even candies while working on getting our home kitchen inspected by our local health unit. 

Did you know that the freeze drying process retains 90% of nutrients?

We are collaborating with local farms to offer fresh fruit in addition to what we grow here at Ferme Ojalammi. Our freeze dried products will be available through gate sale in May 2024. We can't wait for you to try them!

Product Preview


Fruit Powders

Sourced from local farms, fruit is powdered for use in baking or smoothies. Unless stated, ingredients are simply fresh fruit and no additives. 


Fruit from: La Belle Vie Farm and Leisure Farms.


Greens Powders

Grown at Ferme Ojalammi, 3 varieties of freeze dried powdered greens will be available: kale, lettuce, spinach. We recommend these for smoothies but feel free to use them in baking to trick your kids into eating greens. 


Seasoned Corn

Sourced from local farms, corn is seasoned to perfection. The kernels are deliciously crunchy and oil-free!


Fruit Bites

Sourced from local farms as well as the organic section of the grocery store (tropical fruit), fruit is blended and frozen into bite sized portions. Unless stated, ingredients are simply fresh fruit and no additives. 


Cherry Tomatoes

Grown at Ferme Ojalammi, the cherry tomatoes are picked at prime ripeness off the vine. They can be added to salads but we like to eat them on their own as a snack. 



Candies will be available in addition to our local products. We also customize some treats with local fruit powders!

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