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Ferme Fresh Produce

Our Mixed Greens are currently available at both Smith's Market locations in Sudbury, Kate's Kountry Kitchen in Warren, St-Charles Food Market in St-Charles, and Le Fromage in Verner. When we have additional stock available, we post it on

Winter is coming!! We're now in the 2022 planning stage. We often get asked about offering a CSA and while we can appreciate why you're asking, it takes A LOT of planning and we're just not sure we could deliver. So instead, we'd like to offer weekly boxes which you can buy when the contents are to your liking. No pre-payment but also no guarantee. But we can chat more about this in the spring.

If you're not following us on Instagram or Facebook, add us now for the most up to date information on our crops. As stuff becomes available, let us know what you'd like and we'll have it ready and waiting for you to pick up. Are you a business owner who wants to order in bulk or setup a display in your store? Let's chat


Looking forward to putting Ferme Fresh food on your table this summer! 

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